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By living in Alberta, you are no doubt acutely aware of how unpredictable winter can be in our province, and the importance of safe driving in such situations. To help you get through these icy and cold months, Gary Moe Mazda offers the finest quality winter tires near you in the Red Deer area. Our dealership provides tires at cost for all models and makes, meaning you don’t have to pay extra to get your vehicle ready to run smoothly and safely on Alberta’s snow-covered roads. Moreover, those skeptical about investing in a good set of winter tires should continue reading to learn their importance from our expert technicians.

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Why Does Your Mazda Need Winter Tires?

Even the best quality summer or all-season tires fail to keep up with the harsh and icy cold road conditions in the winter, which is mainly why you need a good set of snow tires. Moreover, because of their deeper sipes and slits — which cut into the tread — the winter tires provide maximum traction, enhanced stability and improved handling that you need on snow-covered roads. Some other advantages of winter tires include:

  • Improves your stopping distance
  • Pushes away slush, snow and water
  • Reduces hydroplaning
  • Offers more flexibility for a better grip
  • Provides enhanced safety

Need Help With a Tire Swap?

The end of the summer season comes with various auto maintenance responsibilities, which include tire swap, where you put back winter tires after uninstalling your summer or all-season tires. The best time to switch back to winter tires is when the temperature drops below 7℃ and hovers around the same number for a few weeks. Swapping tires can be a tedious job, and it’s best to get help from experts who can ensure proper installation, as well as being able to inspect the tires for optimal performance. If you’re looking for tire swap services in the Red Deer area, stop by the service department at Gary Moe Mazda, where we follow the industry standard procedure to get your tires swapped hassle-free in no time.

Buy Winter Tires at Gary Moe Mazda

Interested in shopping for winter tires? Visit Gary Moe Mazda, where we offer the tires for all makes and models at cost. You pay what we pay without any additional costs. Use the secured form below to schedule an appointment with our sales representative, who can help you find the perfect set of winter tires for your vehicle. Have any questions for the Gary Moe Mazda team? Reach out to us at 403-348-8882, today!