Store Your Tires at Gary Moe Mazda

Tire Storage Service in Red Deer, AB

Every time you switch your tires for seasonal changes, you’re left with a set of tires that would either take up your valuable space in the basement/garage or lie around just like that, especially when you don’t have enough space to store them properly. To help you with this problem, Gary Moe Maza provides you with affordable tire storage options. We offer safe and secured space for your tires here at our dealership and provide additional services to ensure they always remain in good shape throughout the year. Continue reading to learn more about our tire storage services.

Why Should You Swap Your Tires?

Both your winter and summer tires may not perform optimally year-round because of their specialized tread design and pattern. Summer tires lack traction in slippery and snowy winter road conditions; similarly, winter tires wear down at an increasing rate in hot summer conditions. To ensure your vehicle operates in the best possible way, experts at Gary Moe Mazda always recommend swapping your tires and equipping the appropriate ones depending on the weather conditions.

Why Do You Need Tire Storage?

Most drivers stack their spare tires mounted on rims like pancakes, which significantly affects the durability of your tires. Instead, when not in use, tires should be placed vertically and regularly rotated to prevent deformities and flat spots.

Store Your Tires at Gary Moe Mazda

Gary Moe Mazda is a full-service dealership that is committed to taking care of all your tire storage needs. We ensure that your tires are kept in a controlled environment space, adding to their longevity and superior condition. When you choose to store your tires at our dealership, you are signing up for a wide number of benefits, ranging from free alignment checks to free tire pressure monitoring. Book an appointment with us, today, to secure a storage space for your off-season tires.