Oil Change Service at Gary Moe Mazda

Factory-Certified Oil Change Service in Red Deer, AB

Of many auto care tips and services, one that is most effective and significant is a regular oil change, as engine oil is the lifeblood of your car’s internal combustion engine. To ensure each of these parts of your Mazda runs smoothly, it needs to regularly be lubricated with high-quality oil, which you can find here at Gary Moe Mazda, along with premium oil change services. Whether semi-synthetic, fully synthetic or conventional, our certified Mazda technicians can deal with any motor oil your Mazda will need or contains. Read on to learn how we ensure the smooth operation of your Mazda vehicle with our excellent oil change services.

What is the Importance of an Oil Change?

A vehicle’s engine consists of many mechanical components, which continuously rub against each other and move together to keep the vehicle running. This process creates heat from friction, which consequently results in engine overheating. Here is where engine oil comes to the rescue, providing the needed lubrication to each mechanical part to continue offering optimum performance and smooth functionality. However, with time, car oil starts to break down and become darker and dirtier, which makes it inefficient in doing its job.

What are the Common Warning Signs of an Oil Change?

The top five signs you should watch out for to determine whether or not your Mazda needs an oil change include:

  • Engine oil is becoming darker and dirtier
  • Oil stains underneath your cat
  • Oil change warning light or check engine light
  • Dark smoke coming out from your car’s exhaust pipe
  • Experiencing a peculiar smell surrounding your car cabin

When Does Your Mazda Need an Oil Change?

Whether or not you witness these signs, you should get the oil of your Mazda changed once every 7,500 miles to 10,000 miles (varying on the Mazda model and configurations) or at least twice a year, because oil breaks down over time regardless of you drive your car that often or not. You can also go by the books, meaning consider your owner’s manual to check when your particular Mazda vehicle should have an oil change. The manual may also help you determine which oil — synthetic or conventional — is best for the car.

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