The Gary Moe Promise

Every time you bring in your vehicle for a service, we will have your vehicle hand washed! If we have time, we will give the front mats a vacuum or your rubber mats a wash down. We only use the highest quality cleaners for your vehicle, we know your vehicle deserves only the best. Just like our customers, your vehicle only gets the best. If something happens and we are unable to wash your vehicle, don’t worry, we will give you a rain check card. In order to qualify for the car wash, you must bring your vehicle in for servicing. If we are unable to wash your vehicle at your service appointment, our shop may get a little busy or it might be a little cold to wash your vehicle, don't worry, we will give you a rain check card. SEE DEALER FOR MORE DETAILS.
If you are a Gary Moe customer, we will store your winter or summer tires for you, FREE! So much extra storage for you, and your things! All seasonal tires need to be installed by Gary Moe in order to qualify for the free storage. If tires are not put on seasonally, when storage reach's 300 days Gary Moe holds the right to discard abandoned tires with out contact to owner. Owner is fully responsible for polishing and cleaning rims so rust deposits do not happen, we do not hold any responsibly for any scuffing from storage do to dirt and debris. SEE DEALER FOR MORE DETAILS
If you purchase our Safety & Security program you will be covered for tire repairs and theft. If you damage your tire, we will repair it free of charge, as long as it is repairable. If Gary Moe is unable to fix your tire, we will purchase one for you! You will receive these benefits when you purchase Symtech nitrogen and road hazard warranty a part of the Gary Moe safety and security package New Vehicle- 3 years or 60,000kms (whichever comes first) up to $800 in repairs/tires Used Vehicle- 2 years or 40,000kms (whichever comes first) up to $600 in repairs/tires SEE DEALER FOR MORE DETAILS

Not 100% sold on what you have bought? That's ok you have 30 days to exchange your vehicle for a different one.

The vehicle you purchased has to be the same or greater value. It must be in the same condition you bought it in, and you can't drive your new vehicle more than 1700kms in that 30-day period.

In the event of an exchange, any equipment that has been added to the vehicle can be removed and moved to the new vehicle at the customer's expense. If it cannot be moved, the equipment is non-refundable.

- Vehicles that have been damaged by the customer or anyone else.
- Commercial vehicles
- Vehicles that have been modified or altered by the customer or someone else, in any way whatsoever
- Vehicles that have been repaired without your automotive dealer's authorization

(Only applicable on pre-owned inventory purchases)

The greatest part with buying used at a dealership, is the peace of mind you have driving away. All our vehicles go through inspections and service them accordingly. 3 Months 5,000 Km's Gary Moe Auto Group will repair or replace any of the covered components in your vehicle as described in the section “covered components” listed in this policy if required due to the failure of defective covered part for the period of time or distance indicated above. Which ever should occur first. The time or distance limitations are measured from and commenced with the date of sale and kilometers indicated on your bill of sale at the time of delivery. Replacement will be made with like kind and quality. Coverage includes fluid when required as part of a covered part. In order to receive the full coverage of this policy you must, at your expense, maintain the vehicle in accordance with the original manufactures recommendations. Evidence of proper service may be requested in the event of a claim. Keep receipts from all maintenance work performed. Coverage applies only to the parts listed herein. 1. ENGINE ASSEMBLY -All internally lubricated parts, including: Pistons, Pins, and rings; Connecting rods and bearings; Crankshaft and main bearings; camshaft, followers, and cam bearings; push rods, valves, springs, guides, seats and lifters, rocker arms, shafts, bushings; timing gear, chain or belt, tensioners, and retainers; eccentric shaft; and oil pump. Engine head(s) and engine block if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. Also covered are the following: water pump; fuel pump; oil pan; intake and exhaust manifold; engine mounts and cushions; engine torque strut, timing cover, valve cover(s); harmonic balancer, flywheel (flexplate) and flywheel ring gear; vacuum pump; dipstick, and tube, all pulleys: all internally lubricated parts of the turbo charger/supercharger, including waste-gate, vanes, shafts, and bearings. The turbo charger housing is covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. ROTARY ENGINES: Rotor chamber; main shaft bearing; rotor; and all internally lubricated parts. 2. TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY (AUTOMATIC OR MANUAL)-Transmission case; transfer case; torque converter case; all internally lubricated parts contain within the cases; filler tube and dipstick; vacuum modulator; internal linkage and transmission mounts. 3. DRIVE AXLE ASSEMBLY (FRONT AND REAR)- differential housing; trans-axle housing; final drive housing; all internally lubricated parts of the foregoing; axle shafts: constant velocity joints; universal joints; drive shafts; locking hubs; hub bearings; locking rings; supports, retainers and bearings. This policy provides no coverage or benefits for 1. Any parts not listed under covered Components (including any damage to a covered part caused by a non covered part) Examples of parts are not covered are: Battery; Brake drums; Disk brake rotors; brake lining and disk brake caliper pads; shock absorbers; Bolts; nuts; fasteners; standard transmission clutch assembly; and manual and hydraulic linkages. 2. Any mechanical breakdown caused by collision, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion, lighting, earthquake, freezing, rust or collision, windstorm, hail, water, or flood. 3. Any mechanical breakdown caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, lack of normal maintenance (adjustments, alignments, tune ups, etc). (failure to protect your vehicle from further damage when a mechanical breakdown has occurred, failure to maintain proper levels of lubricant and/or coolants, or if your vehicle has been used for racing or any other forms of competitive driving, plowing snow, or towing a trailer weighing in excess of 1000 Kilograms or any vehicle or object unless your vehicle is equipped with a factory installed or authorized tow package. 4. The repair of valves and/or rings. If the purpose of such is simply to raise the engines compression when a mechanical breakdown caused by the failure of a covered part has not occurred. This is considered normal wear and tear and not a mechanical breakdown. No benefit is provided for a condition that already existed when you purchased this policy or for mechanical breakdown that occurred before you purchased or leased your vehicle, or before you purchased this policy. 5. Repair or replacement of any covered part if a mechanical breakdown has not occurred, or if the wear on that part has not exceeded the field tolerances aloud by the manufacture. 6. Any alterations that have been made to your vehicle, or you are using or have used your vehicle in a manor which is not recommended by the manufacture, including the failure of any custom or add-on part. 7. Your vehicle if the odometer has stopped and repairs have not been made or if the odometer has been altered in any way. 8. The responsibility of the repair is covered by any warranty of the manufacture such as extended drive train coverage, or a repairs guarantee. Further, coverage under this policy is similarly limited in the event of mechanical breakdown if the manufacture has announced its responsibility through any means including public recalls and factory service bulletins. 9. Any mechanical breakdown caused by contamination of fluids, fuels, coolants or lubricants, or rust or corrosion. 10. Your vehicle if it is used for livery, delivery, taxi, construction, rental hauling, for hire or as a police car or other emergency vehicle. 11. Liability for damage to property, or if for injury to or death arising out of the operation, maintenance or use or your vehicle described in this policy weather or not related to the parts coverage. 12. Any loss caused by a lack of proper and necessary amounts of coolants or lubricants. OTHER PROVISION-LIMIT OF LIABILITY For each claim the Gary Moe Auto Group liability shall in no event exceed the actual cash value of your vehicle before the mechanical breakdown. The aggregate of all coverages and benefits paid or payable under this policy shall not exceed the price you paid for your vehicle. Our liability for incidental and consequential damages including, but not limited to personal injury, physical damage, property damage, loss, abuse, of your vehicle, loss of time, inconvenience and commercial loss resulting from the operation maintenance of use of your vehicle is expressly excluded. However, this exclusion may not apply in some provinces’ which disallow the exclusion of consequential or incidental damages. SEE DEALER FOR MORE DETAILS
If your vehicle is down and out in our Service Department, we have loaner vehicles to offer! We are limited to how many vehicles we have, so if they are all loaned out you might not get a loaner. We will do our very best to accommodate you, if all else fails we do have a Shuttle vehicle! Daily charge of $39.95 Minimum $39.95 – even if vehicle is returned on the same business day. Service rentals must be returned by 11am the following day or an extra day will be charged. - Any Person operating the vehicle must be 25 years of age and have a valid driver's licence. Only persons identified to and approved by Gary Moe Auto Group (Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mazda, Chrysler) may operate our loaners. - You are responsible for any violations registered by any law enforcement agency while driving on our loaners. - Gary Moe Auto Group does not provide insurance coverage for the operation of the vehicle by any (Please contact your insurance company to verify your insurance coverage allows for a rental) - Excessive cleaning beyond normal conditions will be the responsibility of the person loaned out in our loaner. A cleaning charge will be applied to your bill at a rate of $75.00 per hour - If required (for any reason by the Service Manager) this vehicle must be returned to the dealership immediately upon request. - You are responsible for damage to and loss of the Vehicle, including any consequential damages, including but not limited to rock chips, windshield, scratches, dents, road hazard and vandalism. - You are responsible for any traffic or parking violations, including photo radar. - There is a 100kms cap per day anything over, you will be charged .25cents per kilometer. - The service loaner must have the same fuel than when it was rented, otherwise you will be charged $5 plus the current raters per litre of fuel, to return the vehicles fuel level to the same as when rented. SEE DEALER FOR MORE DETAILS.
Just like it sounds, you get $500 when you refer someone. What we ask is, fill out our referral card, give it to your friends or family, and have them tell the sales person you sent them. All they have to do is purchase from us and its $500 cold hard cash to YOU! In order to receive referral money, the referral must let the sales person know that they are being referred and who they are being referred from. Referral must purchase vehicle in order to get referral money. We will then make a cheque and we will hold it at the store, where we require ID to pick up the cheque. - Must be a new customer to receive referral - You may not refer your spouse - Referral must be mentioned before purchase of vehicle - If there is fraudulent activities, we hold the right to cancel the cheque SEE DEALER FOR MORE DETAILS
When you purchase our theft Safety & Security program, you will be covered by theft and tire repairs. If your vehicle is stolen, you will get a credit of $4000 to purchase a new vehicle from your original dealership. In the event your vehicle is recovered, Globali Theft will pay your deductible double the amount. To receive theft credit you must contact your dealership and they will help you fill out needed paperwork. You will need to provide proof of loss & police report. If a spouse steals vehicle, you must press charges and go through insurance claim before Walkaway insurance can proceed. SEE DEALER FOR MORE DETAILS
You get sick, suffer an injury, become unemployed, or experience another covered life-changing event and can no longer keep up with your loan payments, we can help. Our 12-month Complimentary WALKAWAY Finance Protection program allows you to return your vehicle and cancel up to $7500.00 of your automotive debt.
We have a variety of options that allow you to extend your WALKAWAY® protection for the full term of your loan, enhance your protection to cover more unexpected life events and even add Payment Relief® to help keep you in your vehicle through difficult times.


We want you to be confident as possible with your purchase, wo we put a free of charge CarFax report in your paperwork.


You can have the peace of mind that you are shopping from a business where the owner lives right here in our community, pays taxes in our community, invests and donates right here to our community and surrounding area. Shopping local will help you pay a wage, keep the lights on, and keep our money spent locally. SEE DEALER FOR MORE DETAILS